The iOS 17 Update Will Not Support iPhone 8 and X

Senin, 7 Agustus 2023 – 14:30 WIB

Jakarta – If you have an iPhone 8 or iPhone X or even something older and are excited about the new feature in iOS 17, you might want to consider an upgrade in a short time. 

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When the update is released later this year (likely in September), it will drop support for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X that are currently supported by iOS 16.

The decision not to support the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X with iOS 17 is most likely because those models are no longer powerful enough to run the latest software.

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The iOS 17 update will include several new features that require more processing power than these older devices were designed for.

Owners of such phones will not be able to get the latest software updates or features.These models will also miss out on all new security updates making them more vulnerable to threats like malware and viruses.

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iPhone 8.

While your phone may be working fine, users should be aware of the security risks associated with using older devices.

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The new iOS 17 is expected to be released in mid-September 2023. Typically, the Cupertino-based tech giant will release its latest software update alongside the latest iPhone series.


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